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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Watching Feedback

Well, last night went pretty well, though many lessons to learn.  Namely that if you're doing essentially an exhibition style event, let the audience in slowly - the first ten fifteen minutes were a bit overwhelming for everyone and it took time for people to settle in.  In fact, one person left after about ten / fifteen minutes, which is a shame, as once it settled everyone was really into the experience.
Frankly, I'm knackered now, so I'll leave you with the audience feedback and write a proper blog another day...

You Have Been Watching Audience Feedback

Really enjoyed ‘Off Grid’ + ‘Outsourced Memories’.  Same interesting relevant ideas.  Nice to see something a bit different at the Quay.

Attention to detail was very impressive.  The atmosphere of the room was very overwhelming (in a positive way).  Lots of information, we had to work hard to process each story – I really liked that.

I liked the touching – the physical human to human contact to initiate communication.  GREAT to see laboratory type work at the Quay.  Experiment and exploration.

I particularly liked the biohazard styling and my favourite exhibit was ‘Spam’.

I liked the visualisation of ‘Spam’.  It was an ingenious way of doing it.

The layout and whole ambience was great.  The performers were amazing 10 / 10.  ‘Off Grid' was my favourite.

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