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Monday, 17 February 2014

You Have Been Watching - Programme

Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
Project Two:
You Have Been Watching
Written and Devised by Robert Crighton

The Exhibits

1.  ZX 20 SPEXS
Text written by Robert Crighton
Video performed by Adam Webster
Audio performed by Jacqueline Cooper Clarke
Time:  6 + minutes approx, looped

2.  Don’t Feed the Trolls
Text:  The introduction of ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ by Mary Wollstonecraft
Audio and physical score performed by Marion Tuke
Physical score performed by Dann Read
Time:  Continuous, looped

3.  Off Grid
Text written by Robert Crighton
Audio performed by Malcolm Hollister
Time:  5 + minutes approx, looped

4.  Outsourced Memories
Text written by Robert Crighton
Audio performed by Kevin Roychowdhury
Time:  5 + minutes approx, looped

5.  Fraud
Text: Found text – internet spam
Audio performed by Matt Byham
Time:  8 + minutes approx, looped

6.  Spam
Text: Found text – internet spam
Audio and physical score performed by Alan Scott
Time:  Continuous, looped

7.  Amanuensis
Physical score performed by Liz Cole
Time:  11 minutes approx, looped

Additional assistance by Bex Johnston
Show documentation by Mark Pavelin & John Bethell
Website tended by Keith Atkinson
Thanks to Joe Fawcett and the Quay Theatre

Individual Sponsors:  Without whom Project 10/52 could not happen
Helen & Neil Arbon, Roz & Denis Brogan, Sue Clark, Jacqueline Cooper Clarke, Heather Clayton & Richard Fawcett, Cecil Qadir and Adam Webster

Robert Crighton is the Artist in Residence at the Quay Theatre...
Project 10/52 is the result – ten projects in fifty-two weeks...

This was Project Two...  Project One can be found online @

Project Three performs on Monday 31st March at 7.30pm at the Quay Theatre
Box Office: 01787 374 745
As well as being live streamed online @

For more information about the making of this show visit the Robert Crighton blog...

Or follow Robert on Twitter @RobertCrighton

Or just go to the milk bottle website...

Instructions For Use:

The exhibits are a mix of the interactive and passive.  Where they are marked as:


they will not begin until you hold their hand.

They are delicate and are easily damaged.

Only make contact with the digitally activated and then only their hand.

Can be found around the exhibit and can be used to unlock additional content.

Time / Timing:
The exhibits are looped – so you may encounter them at awkward moments.  Feel free to wait for the complete cycle.  However, do not hog the digitally activated exhibits, allow others the use after a complete cycle.

The room can be completed in approx. thirty / forty minutes.
The room will be shut down after one hour.
You may view as much or as little of the room as you wish.
You may leave and return at anytime in the hour.
Once the hour is over you will be asked to leave.

Drinks may be brought into the room.
Please have a drink in the bar afterward.
Please fill in a comments section in the bar afterward.
Please remember to Pay-What-You-Want afterward.

Please switch your mobile phone to silent, but please leave on.
If you have a camera / video facility please record as much of the show as you can.
Please email us any footage / pictures

Please post any or all of it online as well if you please.

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