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Friday, 24 June 2011

Before the Gods Arrived...

Last month we (Catherine Eccles, Simon Nader and myself) did the final (bar tonight's Suffolk special) performance of Teaching Gods: The Ultimate Selection.  I was Teaching Gods, Cat was the Ultimate Selection.  It was a very quick set up as there was the marvellous Magic Cavern magician on before us, so I didn't get to drink quite as much tea as I'd like.  This is our journey - as documented by the marvellous Mr Matthew Vile.
NB:  I haven't fully processed these images - cropping and light balances reflect the rough and ready quality of the technical process.

16.00 hours:
Simon runs his lines.

I drink some tea.

Cat has not yet arrived.

17.10 hours:
Simon focuses some lights.

It is a reasonable assumption that I am drinking tea somewhere out of shot.

Cat arrives.  All work stops for hugs and natteration.

17.30 hours:

Cat is put in her box.  The lighting box, that is.

Simon continues to focus lights.

I boil the kettle for more tea.

17.40 hours:
We start a cue to cue - Simon's up first with some dynamic invisible dart throwing.

I am probably drinking some tea.

Cat works those lights.

17.45:  Cat pretends to be a person.

17.50:  I pretend to be a cat.

 18.05:  With less than an hour till the show starts, we check out the merchandise.

18.40:  There's little time left before curtain up, so the cast behave in a serious and professional manner.

And then there was a show. And the audience smiled - for it was good.

Teaching Gods: The Ultimate Selection was performed by Robert Crighton, Catherine Eccles and Simon Nader as a one-off show at the Barons Court Theatre on Sunday 22nd May 2011.  Pre-show photos taken by Matthew Vile.  Special Thanks to Ron and Chris of the Barons Court Theatre.

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