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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Three Day Eventers and the One Day Internationals...

Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
The Natural History of Trolls
Okay, this is a fairly boring blog post - but quite an important one I feel.  We're nearly at the end of the Meet the Cast introductions - now it's time to let you know when they're performing.  Some are down for all three days, some for one.  Now you can decide which day you want to come to the show based on the cast.  Or you could come to every night so that you can compare the performances of each.  But that might be pushing things at bit.
However, it is fair to say that I owe these twenty-three people a lot.  Even though I don't know many of them well yet, they have had an enormous effect on my life.
They're making me work harder.
It is easy when it's just you on stage to fall back on your old tricks, to relax and say - hey, it's just me, who would know.  But knowing that there are so many people who are all turning up to be part of this show what I wrote, who all have put in so much of their own time into rehearsal, that makes me sit up and really turn on the juice.  Because getting motivated to rehearsal monologues is difficult.  It is terribly dull work.  It's the pay off on the day that makes it all worth while.
So, thank you cast.  You're really keeping my nose to that grind stone.  Damn you.

(On for all three performances)

Robert Crighton
Georgina Blackledge
Catherine Eccles
Jessica Moore
Pamela Flanagan
Richard Ward

Caroline Davies
Philippa Tatham
Simon Nader
Emma Burn
Sally Gilfillan
Ailsa Ilott

Sophie Carmichael
Denys Gaskill
Jessica Tobert
Josie Bloom
Kate Steel
Matthew Harrison-James

Elizabeth Jee
Jamie Addlet  
Gillian Horgan
Elizabeth Quinn
Elizabeth Nicholson
Colin Emerson

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