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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Live from the Quay Theatre!

Friday night and it's the last ever Teaching Gods.  Ever.  So, instead of telling a story, how do I start the show?
By doing my vlog.
So, here you have my latest vlog, with a live studio audience.  I'm a little bleached out... but technical facilities were basic and my camera is still playing up.

After that I told three stories - Problem Tree (from Teaching Gods and Other Stories...) and two new pieces, Much Like... and Sleep Inc.  Much Like... was a qualified success - it's a bit self indulgent and probably won't be repeated.  Sleep Inc. however went well and, with a few adjustments, will be added to shows future.  Of course those who were in the audience are free to tell me I am deluded about all the above.
After an interval I closed with Teaching Gods - which is now officially closed for business from me.  It started life as a filler for a show in 2003, was rewritten for 2006 and has been popping up for five years since.  Enough now.  The CD exists - that will have to be it for the time being, unless others wish to stage it themselves.
Right, I'm off into town now for a meet and greet with the cast of Storyteller - so more from me tomorrow on that I'm sure.
From the depths of Lavenham,

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