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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Let me tell you about a Cat called Gus...

We get to Gus in a round about way.

We start by talking about books.

And shows...

I will get to the cat in a bit.

So, books.  The first text I published was a mini pocket edition of Fantasy Terrorist League - but this was just a test.  Bar that test copy we never did a print run and have only sold a few units online.  The reason for this neglect is we went straight into publishing a collected edition of monologues: Teaching Gods and Other Stories...
This was the title of the show that collected all my major monologues and stories together and had a reasonably large print run (well for us anyway).  The initial collection was expanded with the inclusion of favourites such as The Alternative Seagull and now contains seven different pieces.
The show is in the process of being retired.  We did the last London show last month and I'm doing a last stand in the Quay Theatre bar - watched over by one Gus.
I must say, I never met Gus, he was before my time.  However, he watches over everyone who stops off at the lovely Quay Theatre bar for a drink and never makes a nuisance of himself - which is more than could be said when he was alive.  Gus was the theatre cat.  And as Teaching Gods is a story about a cat, one of the names used for the campus cat had to be Gus.  So it was very important for me to do that story in the bar that he watches so carefully over.
The bar event is free to attend and features a new story that I've been working on - "The Adventures of Shermes Hollocks".  So if you''re around this Friday 24th June do come down to the bar of the Quay Theatre, Quay Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk - the stories begin at 8pm.

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