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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fragments from a busy week

All right - I know.  I've been neglecting the blog.  I've been busy - sorry.  Right, where was I?  Starting writing this next bit about a week ago...

- It's the little things that get you.  Little bits of sentences that just don't hang right.  The Natural History of Trolls is finished.  It is.  It could be performed tomorrow.  But it isn't perfect.  Not yet.  Just got to untangle a few knots.  And it's exhausting.
I have been slogging away at these knots all week - and got the first two thirds right where I wanted them.  But then... I just didn't like the last third.  It wasn't the words (they were nice enough) it was the physicality.  Nothing happened.  Not physically.  And it just wasn't right.  So I joked on twitter about putting in a car chase.  I didn't quite go that far, instead I changed the focus from the central character to another.  And he's having a very stressful day - so getting inside his head helps drive the story along more.  It also means there's more movement and it is less sad.  Just that little bit more upbeat.
I did drop one of my endings.  It's strange.  I seem to collect endings.  It's like Lord of the Rings sometimes - everyone you've ever met turns up to say goodbye.  This story had three.  The ending, the second ending and an epilogue - which is another kind of ending.  So one of them had to go and it was the second ending.  Didn't hurt a bit.

I wrote that over a week ago.  Next we jump to mid-week. 

- We've just finished a lengthy process of auditioning, which has just officially closed and the results are rushing out over the next couple of days.  And I still haven't quite sorted out the last third yet.  Nearly there - know exactly what needs to be changed - hundreds of notes.  Just haven't done it yet.  But I've been rehearsing the first section nicely, so I'm not behind.  Much.

And now to the present...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the more phones people have the harder it is to contact them.  Auditioning is easy - getting the confirmations out and in again for a cast of twenty three over three days is hard work.  I'll be announcing the cast when all confirmations are in.  It has been lovely meeting new people - and I have to say the online audition process has been fairly successful.  You'd be surprised how much a close up on a dodgy webcam can show up - it's fascinating.  Not all applicants were successful via the web, but I'm pleased to have sent offers to virtual people.  Otherwise it would have been a gimic and that would have been terrible.
The only disappointment with the web based auditions was the absense of chat.  You should have said hello, talked about what you did, offered a bribe... Next time I'll ask for that - I think that'll be nice.
I'm about to send another batch of emails before running the new and improved final third for final edits.  Then this evening I'll start to format the book version. 
Lastly, I will just mention that tickets for the show are now online.  We do expect to sell well, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Milk Bottle Productions Presents...
Robert Crighton:
Written and Performed by Robert Crighton
With Special Guests: Georgina Blackledge, Catherine Eccles, Pamela Flanagan and Jessica Moore and Many, Many, Many More...

“Whatever you do, don’t think about orange Penguins!”
Multi-Awarding Winning Storyteller Robert Crighton is returning to his roots with a new collection of stories for 2011.  Featuring his trademark wit and dark humour, Storyteller will draw you into unusual worlds and introduce you to people you’d not normally meet.

This first show is the world premiere of the ‘The Natural History of Trolls’, three stories covering a hundred and fifty years of history, two Queens and their subjects in the fairy kingdom.  Midst this epic timeline is the story of an ordinary commute gone wrong, when a troll-like tramp in an Underground carriage turns out to REALLY be a Troll.
Funny, thoughtful and with occasional attempts at wisdom, let Robert Crighton and his team of storytellers lead you through a world like ours – just a little off centre. 

The New Wimbledon Studio Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th July at 7.45pm
Tickets: £10
Box Office: 0844 871 7646
Groups Line: 0844 871 7696
Access Booking Line: 0844 871 7677
New Wimbledon Studio, the Broadway, London, SW19 1QG

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