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Friday, 13 January 2017

Bink! is released

Written by Robert Crighton
Performed by Cat LaCohie

Molly was left alone a lot. Her parents were always out. So she started talking to herself, to the furniture, to the house. And then the house answered back.
A children’s story... just not for children.

First Performed on Tuesday 13th January 2009 at the Tabard Theatre.

Release Date: Friday 13th January - listen on audioboom or YouTube


Or YouTube

The next release is next week!  Problem Tree will be released on Wednesday 18th January - catch all new releases early by becoming a patron. Rewards for patrons include early release of material, before the rest of the world.  Go to to support new work.

Problem Tree
Written & Performed by Robert Crighton

Problem Tree is the impossible story of one man’s father and a tree that can’t exist. A story of the First World War, of running away from your past and hiding in the future. 
First performed in 2009, this story has undergone many changes and minor rewrites, but it's now time for it to come out on audio.  

Release Date: Wednesday 18th January, earlier for patrons.

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