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Monday, 23 January 2017

Live from the Get In - March

It's only a month and a bit before the next Live from the Get In! and the tickets are on sale.  It's going to be a bit different to the last two shows in that there will be two halves, and the first half will be a little shorter than before.  So, we're still aiming for an hour of comedy - and then some - just it'll be spread out over two halves.  The first half will be a show much like the previous two, a tumbling arrangement of comedy material with myself and the core group, and we're aiming for a run time of forty-five minutes which will be live streamed.  The second half will be more a mix of curated material from other performers, and a comic monologue from me.  This will be recorded but not streamed and released at a later date, first to my patrons who help make all this happen, and then to the world.
Why the change in format?  Well, I've found in the last two shows, the shorter sketches and some of the monologues didn't fit into the overall pattern of the show very well.  Whilst all the material worked, it didn't always want to stand next to each other.  Also, when edited in post production, the shows were drifting to 45 minutes naturally, the hour format being just a little too long and some padding was creeping in.  I'd rather record a tight show than edit one down - you get more and better laughs.  It also means the second half can be for material that wouldn't fit anywhere, encouraging more randomness and new voices to get involved.
And if you happen to be a new voice - then get in touch - I'm on twitter @RobertCrighton

Written by Robert Crighton
Performed by Abbie Broom, Heidi Bernhard-Bubb, Robert Crighton & Michael Fouldes.  And maybe some special guests.

Live from... is a radio comedy and sketch show – live from in front of the set of whichever show is getting in the following week at the Quay Theatre.  New material, sketches and monologues streamed live online.  And the live stream can be heard on the night here -
Two shows lined up Saturday 4th March and Saturday 6th May at 7.30pm
Tickets £6 -

And you can catch up with the last two episodes by listening here.

My work couldn't happen without the support of my patrons - if you think you could contribute to the work I create, go to and see if you can help - you get to listen to my new work before anyone else.

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