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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

You Can't Trust Trees

Testing set up for Problem Tree (2013)
I've written about Problem Tree before, I'm sure.  It's been in the repertoire since 2009 when I wrote the first version for a random storytelling event.  It's a story within a story, a format that I'm very fond of, where the storyteller and the story they tell feed off each other.

The most satisfying version of the story (so far) was a one-to-one version I did in 2013.  I built a little room within a room, a little newspaper cave (the early test design you can see half built in the pictures), and connected the audient with headphones, so that, whilst we were but a couple of feet away from each other, the story was related via a microphone, with additional sound effects.
Let me tell you a story...

I really loved the contradiction of it - that we were so close and yet also quite far removed from each other - separated and intimately joined together by technology.  The audients really enjoyed the story and I think it also brought out the best in it.  Before 2013 the story was told in a conversational but quite an open way, this was more intimate and warm.

In recording it for audio I tried to make it intimate, as if I'm talking only to you, as though it's a secret that I'm only telling one person.
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Problem Tree
Written & Performed by Robert Crighton

Problem Tree is the impossible story of one man’s father and a tree that can’t exist. A story of the First World War, of running away from your past and hiding in the future. 
First performed in 2009, this story has undergone many changes and minor rewrites, but it's now time for it to come out on audio.  

Release Date: Wednesday 18th January for my patrons 

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