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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Valentine Day Special

From 2010
Valentine's Day - a time to remind couples around the world that their partners might be cheating on them.  That's correct isn't it?
In 2010 I staged Cuckold's Fair on the London Fringe and it was one of my favourite shows.  I've often meant to revive it (you never know) and it's been on the list of shows to record for online release for years.  Now, at last, after several false starts, it's going to happen.  Here's the schedule.

If you're a patron you will receive the full omnibus edition the first week of February, because I couldn't do this work without you.
If you're not... well, you will get it the following week in daily installments - as the story is told over six days, I'll release it one day at a time over Valentine's week.  Which is seven years to the week since the show was first performed.
At this stage, it won't be a full cast recording.  One day, if revived, I might do a new full cast audio version.  But that's for the future.

Here's a brief excerpt of the piece recorded, very roughly, a lifetime ago...

And finally: if you're a patron you'll already have the patron only link to Countdown to the Other Side - enjoy - the rest of the world will get it next week.  It's rather fun, especially if you have a really good working knowledge of the history of Countdown presenters.

My work couldn't happen without the support of my patrons - if you think you could contribute to the work I create, go to and see if you can help - you get to listen to my new work before anyone else.

Also, as there's a lot being planned at the moment, if you want to keep up to speed, why not join my mailing list.  I know, so last century. 

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