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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bink! Remastered

So, eight years ago, almost to the day, an audience of unsuspecting... people (we'll call them people, it was the London Fringe and you can never tell) watched and listened to a world premiere - Bink! - part of Teaching Gods and Other Stories at the Tabard Theatre and performed by the marvellous Catherine Eccles.  Since that show Catherine Eccles has been brutally slaughtered, her bloody carcass only returning to life following a drastic Americanoscopy, which saw her reborn in LA as the (admittedly equally) marvellous Cat LaCohie.

Catherine before the recording.
Before she was cruelly taken away from us by fate and a work visa, she recorded Bink! which was made available for download.

Cat, after the surgery.
But now, for a limited time only, Bink! will be released for free for all to hear.  Before that could happen, I needed to remaster the original recording.
Seriously? I hear you cry.  (I hear your voices in my head, that's normal.)  Seriously, you cry, it's someone reading a story, what needs to be remastered.
Well, I made a mistake in the original release.  It's a small one, but it annoys me everything I've heard it since.  I gave the wrong instruction to the editor and... well...
An M is missing.
At the very top of the story Cat says: "Molly..." and the M is missing.  It comes out as "Olly..." So, I have gone back to the master tapes (yeah right, like it's on tape) and have carefully edited back this missing M.
It's this delayed-by-four-years attention to detail that has got me where I am today.

Written by Robert Crighton
Performed by Cat LaCohie
Molly was left alone a lot. Her parents were always out. So she started talking to herself, to the furniture, to the house. And then the house answered back.
A children’s story... just not for children.

Bink! is released on Friday 13th January.

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